Fascinating Viking Wedding Traditions | Norse Wedding Ceremonies & Viking Wedding Rituals

Can you imagine celebrating a viking wedding? In the annals of history, the Vikings were renowned for their intrepid spirit, adventurous nature, and rich cultural heritage. Beyond their legendary voyages and fierce battles, the Vikings celebrated life’s pivotal moments with grandeur, none more captivating than the sacred union of marriage. A norse celebration, steeped in age-old traditions and profound symbolism, stands as a testament to their profound reverence for love and commitment.

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Everything you need to know about traditional viking wedding rituals and celebrating a nordic wedding

Are you captivated by history, fascinated by ancient cultures, and dreaming of a wedding that echoes the romance of an era long past? In this blogpost you will learn about the enchanting world of norse traditions – an extraordinary blend of customs, rituals, and symbolism and get inspired by images of a real viking wedding, captured by my lovely friend Juan Cordero. If you are still searching for a wedding photographer for your norse-inspired wedding, do not hesitate to send me a message. Certainly, I would love to accompany you on this great adventure.

Dreaming of a traditional viking wedding? Get inspired by norse wedding traditions

The Mythical Courtship

In Viking tradition, courtship often involved exchanging tokens of love and commitment. The exchange of gifts like rings, often braided in intricate designs, symbolized the intertwining of lives in a union. Moreover, the promise of fidelity and mutual respect formed the cornerstone of their relationship.

Norse Wedding Ceremony and Setting

A traditional norse wedding was conducted amidst nature’s embrace, typically in open-air spaces or under the vast expanse of the sky.  Stunning landscapes also served as a backdrop for sacred wedding vows and ancient rituals, connecting the couple to the elements and the Norse gods. On the Viking wedding day, the joyous celebration united two families, intertwining their histories and forging new bonds for a future filled with shared adventures.

The Viking Marriage | Viking wedding Traditions and Wedding Rituals

The symbolic rituals during a Viking wedding were deeply meaningful. The ‘blót,’ a ritualistic sacrifice honoring the gods, was performed for blessings upon the union. The phrase “tying the knot” has its origins in handfasting – a norse wedding tradition. The couple’s hands were bound together with a woven cord or ribbon. The binding of hands, known as handfasting ceremonies signified the couple’s commitment and unity.

Additionally, in viking culture, the act of exchanging swords went beyond the utilitarian purpose of acquiring a weapon; it was a symbolic gesture deeply rooted in the social fabric. The giving and receiving of a sword were also expressions of camaraderie, loyalty, and the forging of alliances. It represented a mutual commitment to defend one another and uphold shared values in times of need.

Furthermore, the sword ceremonies played a crucial role in the establishment of oaths and agreements. Swearing an oath while exchanging swords was a solemn act, often accompanied by many of these traditions that invoked the divine, emphasizing the sacred nature of the commitment being made. However, breaking such an oath was considered a grave offense and could lead to severe consequences.

Viking Wedding Feast & wedding food

Feasting held immense importance in Viking celebrations. The wedding feast, known as the Symbel, was a joyous celebration. Mead, a fermented beverage made from honey, was central to the festivities. Moreover, toasts were made to honor the couple’s union, and guests would also share stories and songs, creating an atmosphere of merriment.


Embrace the mystique of a Viking-themed celebration, an extraordinary way to infuse your special day with the essence of Norse heritage and romance. While rooted in ancient traditions, planning a modern norse inspired wedding offers a unique blend of authenticity and creativity to create an unforgettable experience. The allure of a norse celebration is often heightened by the choice of an evocative and historically resonant location. Here are some of the best places that offer an authentic backdrop for a memorable Viking-themed wedding:

Viking Wedding in Norway

With its stunning fjords, majestic landscapes, and deep-rooted Viking history, Norway provides an idyllic setting for a Viking-themed wedding. Locations like Trondheim, with its historical significance and beautiful landscapes, or the fjords of Sognefjord and Geirangerfjord, offer breathtaking vistas for a ceremony steeped in Norse traditions.

Viking Wedding Ceremonies in Sweden

In Sweden, places like Gamla Uppsala, known for its ancient burial mounds and ties to Norse mythology, or the picturesque Swedish archipelago, provide romantic settings for a Viking-themed celebration. The Viking town of Birka, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a historically rich environment for an authentic ceremony.

Your Viking Themed Wedding in Denmark

Denmark, often considered the heartland of the Vikings, offers captivating venues such as Roskilde, where the Viking Ship Museum stands, displaying authentic Viking ships. Alternatively, the stunning landscapes of Jutland or the island of Funen, with its historical significance, can serve as remarkable settings for a Viking-inspired wedding.

Nordic Wedding Traditions in Iceland

Known for its dramatic landscapes, geysers, and volcanoes, Iceland offers an otherworldly backdrop for a Viking-themed wedding. Locations like Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with historical significance in Viking culture, or the rugged beauty of the Icelandic countryside, provide unique and stunning settings.

Viking Style Weddings in Scotland & Ireland

While not Viking homelands, both Scotland and Ireland have strong connections to Norse history. The Isle of Skye in Scotland or the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland offer breathtaking scenery and an ambiance that can complement a Viking-themed celebration.

Viking Age Castles & Historic Sites

Various historical sites and castles throughout Europe, including those in the United Kingdom, Germany, and other European countries, can also provide an enchanting setting for a Viking-themed wedding. Choose a location with ties to Norse history or a medieval ambiance to add a touch of authenticity.

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Norse inspired Invitations and Save the Date Cards

Set the tone for your Viking wedding with invitations that evoke the spirit of Norse culture. Incorporate Viking symbols, runes, or motifs like axes, shields, or thor’s hammer. Announce your union with style, inviting guests to join in a celebration inspired by ancient traditions.

Viking Wedding Attire for the bride and groom

Choosing attire that reflects the Viking era can add authenticity to your celebration. For the couple, attire inspired by Viking clothing such as tunics, dresses with intricate embroidery, and accessories like arm rings or torcs can create an awe-inspiring look.


Viking brides wear abundant ruffles and layers. Opting for a winter wedding proves ideal, as it opens the door to incorporating faux fur. Enhancing the ensemble, a faux fur stole can add a touch of elegance, achieving the desired Viking bride aesthetic. Consider including elements such as leather, jewelry made of silver, or metalwork in your outfits to evoke the warrior spirit.


The groom’s outfit holds equal significance to the bride’s attire. In Viking tradition, men often donned tunics crafted from wool or linen, extending from mid-thigh to knee-length. Additionally, it was customary for the groom to complement his ensemble with a cloak or cape to ensure warmth.

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Viking Wedding Rings & Wedding Bands

Viking wedding rings or norse wedding rings and bands, intricately etched with runic symbols or inspired by ancient Norse craftsmanship, serve as tangible emblems of enduring love, unity, and the timeless bond between two souls. Check out these viking wedding rings.

Capture the Moment – Your Wedding Photos

Document your Viking wedding with photos and videos that capture the essence of the celebration. You have not booked any wedding photographer yet? Let me accompany you on this journey and capture the details and emotions of this unique day for you!

Additionally, if you would like to see more pictures of this beautiful viking wedding in Norway, don’t forget to check out Juan´s Blogpost.

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