Creative Vision, Adventurous Heart

It’s difficult to describe oneself, but there are a few things I can say with certainty: I’m a complete optimist and I see life as a wonderful gift. I’m a family person and I absolutely enjoy spending quality time with my kids and my husband. A perfect day for me starts with a lovely breakfast and a delicious cup of coffee. Sport is an integral part of my life and I draw strength from life’s simple pleasures – a magical sunset, a walk after the rain, a hike in the mountains or the salt on my skin after a long swim in the sea. Oh, and I am probably the biggest dark chocolate lover you will ever meet!

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Coloring Life with Creativity’s Joy!

Since childhood, I’ve been a very creative person, spending hours engaging in creative activities. I could entertain myself early on by painting, drawing, working with clay and assisting my mother and grandmother in creating the most delicious dishes, cakes, and cookies. During my teenage years, I also discovered a passion for making soaps, which I crafted using only the finest ingredients and purest essential oils, a practice I continue to this day.

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Exploring the World through my lens!

It was love, that led me to photography. The love for traveling and exploring the world. While, as a child, every minute not spent on some creative activity had me outdoors in search of the next big adventure, shortly after graduating, I went to travel the world. I believe there’s no better way to get to know oneself than through travel. I wanted to discover who I truly am and what I could achieve on my own. My camera was my most faithful companion throughout this journey. It captured every adventure and every wonderful moment – all those beautiful memories that you just live once in a lifetime.

Photography serves as a profound medium to convey my emotions and sentiments. Perhaps that’s why my heart is on fire when I travel and discover the world through my camera lens. Through my images, I strive to immortalize stories that should never be forgotten.


This is where I am!

I love my work as a wedding photographer today just as much as I did on the first day, even after more than 10 years of experience. The trust you place in me, means a lot to me. I understand the immense value it holds for you to have your love story and all the unforgettable moments of your wedding day captured in timeless and beautiful images and it’s of utmost importance to me that you can revisit your wedding day through my photographs. I truly love to connect with people and firmly believe that each encounter enriches us in some way.

…each frame a tale woven with the vibrant threads of life’s experiences…

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Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better.

You believe that I could be the right photographer for your big day? There is one thing that I can promise you right now: I will give it all to capture your emotions, your tears of joy, every glance and every big and small moment of your wedding day with passion, attention to detail and sensitivity, so that even years later, you can still cherish these wonderful memories.

Don’t hesitate, and send me a message right away. I can’t wait to get to know you.