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Morning person. Lover of breakfast and coffee. Travel junkie. Optimist. Passionate mom of two children and a dog. Athlete. Spontaneous. Energetic. Emotional. Open-minded. Passionate dancer, gardener, cook, tour guide, soap maker, baker. Chocoholic. Emotional. Clumsy. Epicurean. My friends particularly appreciate me for my creativity, positivity and warmth.

It was love that led me to photography. The love for traveling and the love for getting to know unknown places and people from diverse cultures. Even as a child, I always enjoyed being on the go... with my friends, I explored meadows, forests, and rivers, always in search of the next big adventure. Perhaps that's why my heart is on fire when I travel and discover the world through my camera lens. Photography is a wonderful way to express my emotions and feelings. With my pictures, I aim to tell stories that should never be forgotten. Let´s write your story of love.

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I live for emotional moments - especially those that make me laugh or bring tears of joy to my eyes. I always walk through the world with open eyes and an open heart - constantly seeking the extraordinary and the beautiful. I love warm summer hours spent swimming with my family and friends, adventurous travels, and creative winter evenings by the fireplace. I'm crazy about life with all its wonderful facets, and grateful for all the beautiful moments I've experienced so far.

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New York, Florida, Mexico, Bali, Gili Islands, Thailand, India, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, Tasmania, New Zealand, Iceland, Tromsö, Sicily, Sardinia, The Algarve, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, Madrid, Barcelona, Croatia, Andalusia, Valencia, Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera, Rhodes, The Dolomites, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey...etc.

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The laughter and joy of my wedding couples are my greatest reward. Their gratitude motivates me, inspires me, and drives me. Without them, I would never have become who I am today. Are you ready for our destination wedding adventure?